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How do I care for my Cross Solo pen?

Cross Solo Pen Care

The Cross Solo Pen is the sibling of the Cross Radiance Pen, and comfortable like the Cross Ion Pen. Solo Cross pens include ballpoint pens and rolling ball pens. With Cross Solo pens, you have both a cartridge and a converter to care for. If you have a loose refill on your ballpoint Solo Cross pen, turn cap counterclockwise to retract the refill point, then remove the cap and tighten the refill clockwise. If your Solo Cross fountain pen has a poor ink flow/dirty feed system, soak the nib overnight in lukewarm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The following day, clean thoroughly with the converter.

What’s the most durable long-lasting Cross pen?

Most Durable Cross Pen

While the Cross Ion Pen is fairly durable, its plastic casing may not be the best choice for a long-lasting Cross pen. The Malachite Townsend Cross pens offer solid casing as do the Radiance and Cross Solo Pens. You shouldn't, however, judge the durability and longevity of a Cross pen by its casing. The inks in pen such as a Cross fountain pen also determine the longevity. Cross pens have long-lasting ink refills.

How do I choose a Cross Ion Gel Ink Pen?

Buying a Cross Ion Pen

Unlike Cross Solo pens and any Cross fountain pen, the Cross Ion Pen operates ergonomically. The trick in choosing among these Cross pens is choosing the right design and color. Your ion gel Cross pen inks come in green, red, purple, orange, and black to mix with and match the colors of the pens themselves. If you need color in your writing, a colorful ion gel pen is the way to go. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with basic black. The soft-touch cover opens and closes easily.

How do I know what my classic Cross pens are worth?

Cross Pen Collecting

Say you have a vintage Classic Cross pen, or even a recent model Cross pen. A Townsend Jade Cross fountain pen has been known to sell for ₤320 UK, which at the current exchange rate is $602 USD. While Cross pens won't break the bank, they can and do go up in value, whether you're buying Classic ballpoint pens or vintage Cross fountain pen and pencil sets. Cross Ion Pens are relatively new, while an original basic black FP Cross Solo Pen is a huge hit at auctions. Do some sleuthing at auction houses, especially online, to find out what Cross pens are selling for.

I’ve heard there are Cross pens that work with PDAs, which models have this feature?

Cross Pens and PDAs

The Cross pen has gone digital. The Cross Solo pens feature a Digital Writer that comes in several bright colors and writers on your PDA of choice. The stylus tips of these Cross pens simulate the feeling you get when writing on paper. The Cross Matrix Fountain Pen also works as a stylus. The Morph Cross fountain pen is also a Digitalwriter PDA stylus. Sadly for all you Cross Ion Pen fans, Ion Gel pens don't work with PDAs.

How do I choose an ergonomic Cross pen?

Ergonomic Cross Pens

Whether you choose the Cross Solo pens, a Cross Ion Pen, a Cross Radiance Ball-Point Pen, or a Cross Atx pen, you'll feel comfortably in your choice. However, not all Cross pens are ergonomic. The Cross Ion Pen and the Morph Cross Pen lines feature all ergonomic pens. Sadly for Cross fountain pen lovers, fountain pens aren't featured in those product lines. It's a trade-off, but if you do regular pen writing as opposed to typing everything, it's a necessary one.

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