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Can I buy Swiss Army pencil and pen sets?

Swiss Army Pencil and Pen Sets

You love compact efficiency and variety, otherwise you wouldn't choose Swiss Army pencils or pens. You'll be pleased to know that you can buy your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencil in tandem with a Swiss Army Pen. Fans of Swiss Army Mechanical Pencils and Swiss Pens will love the Wagner pen and pencil sets for sale at many fine companies. Freehand drawing and fine black ink writing are yours courtesy of Swiss pencil and pen sets. Both the Swiss Army pencil and the Swiss pen bear the identical Swiss Pen insignia on the case tip.

What pencil case should I use for my Swiss army pencils?

Swiss Army Pencil Case

You want to protect your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencil. Although your Swiss pencils are tough, you want to make sure you don't lose them. A plain leather pencil case can keep your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencils clean and free of nicks, dings and scratches. However, we recommend you use the case that comes with your Swiss Army Pencil. Just make sure all the tools in your Swiss Army Pencils are retracted when you're finished using them. Swiss Army Pencils, and pen and pencil sets, come in their own stylish lacquer gift cases.

Why would I need a Swiss Army Pencil if I’ve purchased a Swiss Army Pen?

Needing a Swiss Army Pencil

The Swiss Army Mechanical Pencil features the same lacquer as the Swiss pens. The Swiss Army Pencil offers the same Swiss Army tools and the same stainless steel clip with lasting spring power. Why do you need a Swiss pencil when you have a Swiss pen and possibly a mechanical pencil from, say, Faber Castell? Some jobs require more precise tools. The Swiss mechanical pencils have an aluminum top and brass bottom for proper writing balance, a design unique among mechanical pencils. Swiss Army Pencils feature .7 mm leads with HB hardness that allow soft freehand drawing.

Can I personalize my Swiss Army Pencils?

Personalized Swiss Pencils

Many sellers of Swiss Army Pencils allow you to engrave the stainless steel clip. You will probably have to limit the engraving to fifteen letters per Swiss Army Mechanical Pencil. Personalizing your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencils may not be necessary to enhance these unique writing instruments. However, everyone loves personalized gifts. You'll treasure your customized Swiss Army Pencil, and the people who receive engraved Swiss pencils will too.

Can I buy replacement leads for my Swiss Army Mechanical Pencils?

Replacement Erasers

Your Swiss pencils come with three replacement leads. You can order extra Swiss Army Pencil replacement leads. As with all mechanical pencil leads, be sure to store your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencil leads in a cool dry place to make them last for years. You'll enjoy hours of soft freehand drawing with your Swiss Army Mechanical Pencils if you keep your pencil leads in good condition. Replacing pencil leads in your Swiss Army Pencils is similar to refilling your Swiss pens.

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