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A fountain pen seems too complicated, but I don’t want a ball point pen, so what other fine writing instrument can I buy?

Rollerballs and Ion Gel Pens – Alternatives to Fountain Pens

For the first time fine writing instrument user, a fountain pen may seem as intimidating as a PC. Fortunately, rollerball pens are a happy medium for people who hesitate to buy fountain fine pens. The Cross Selectip rollerball fine writing pens are usually rated an excellent fine writing instrument choice with a versatile refilling system. Cross Ion Gel pens, with their easy open/close operation and simple refill system, are a streamlined jazzy pen for people who want one of a kind fine writing instruments but not fountain pens.

What’s the most efficient fine writing pen twist mechanism and which brands feature it?

Efficient Twist Mechanism

Not surprisingly, Mont Blanc and the Porsche Design Pen share the prize for fine writing instruments with the most efficient twist mechanism. The same dynamic construction in Porsche cars lends itself to a lasting, easy-to-use twist mechanism in Porsche Design fine pens. Mont Blanc is known for luxury touches such as precious stones embedded in the clips of the Boheme fine writing instruments. Mont Blanc is also known for innovative and efficient engineering in every writing instrument. The Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige Ballpoint Pen fine writing instrument boasts a large capacity refill. Cross fine pens are also thought to have smooth twist mechanisms. Faber-Castell fine pens often feature spring loaded clips.

What paper should I use when writing with fountain pen fine writing instruments?

Fountain Pens and Paper

Fine pens need fine paper. For fountain pen fine writing instruments, bonded and acid free paper works the best. Yet fountain pens such as Mont Blanc fine writing pens are remarkably adaptable. A heavy bond paper or linen paper such as resume paper will best absorb the ink from your Mont Blanc or Faber Castell fountain pen fine writing instrument. Cardstock is also a possibility, since it showcases the quality of the ink in your fountain pen fine writing instrument. It has been said that no other writing instrument creates such a connection between writer, fine writing instrument and paper. Fine pens deserve high-grade paper.

How does precious resin enhance the appearance of fine writing instruments?

Precious Resin

The precious resin in, say Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige Aubergine and Gold fine pens is part of their aesthetic appeal. The Mont Blanc Boheme Je T'Aime Black Resin fine writing instrument has a casing made of black resin. The Mont Blanc Leonardo Sketch Pen is not only an artist's tool, it's an elegant writing instrument thanks to the black resin cap and barrel. The jet-black precious resin of the Mont Blanc fine writing instruments highlights the gold, chrome, silver and platinum trim. The Mont Blanc trim is often embossed with the serial numbers of the fine writing pens.

Which brand of fountain pens have the neatest and easiest feed mechanism for ink?

Feed Mechanisms

Cross fountain pen fine pens have a patented feed system so that ink always flows directly from the cartridge to the nib. Cross fountain pens are fine pens and are as unique as the Selectip fine writing instrument, which accepts rolling ball refills that write through carbons, porous-point refills, long-lasting jumbo ball-point refills and document market refills. While with any fountain pen fine writing instruments can have feed problems and spills, the high-end design makes that less likely. Mont Blanc fountain pen fine pens operate on the piston filling feed mechanism. This is actually an innovation inspired by the Mont Blanc Architect's Pen writing instrument. Mont Blanc fine writing pens usually set the standard in ink delivery. Pens that fill with a built-in piston can hold more ink than a cartridge/converter, but bear in mind cartridges are more portable than ink bottles.

What is a spring loaded clip and how does it work in fine writing instruments?

Spring Loaded Clip

Faber Castell fine pens and Cross Verve fine writing instruments feature spring loaded pocket clips for barrel decoration. In fact, the Cross Verve fine writing instrument has its own patent pending innovative, integrated spring loaded pocket clip. The spring loaded clip meshes well with the decorative barrel of the Cross Verve writing instrument. The clips on these fine writing pens nest in solid tinted, translucent, perfectly proportioned resin ellipses that contrast with and accentuate the color of the fine pens.

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