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Are Faber Castell pen and pencil sets available?

Faber Castell Pen and Pencil Sets

Faber Castell offers a Graphite Pro pencil set. But for enthusiasts of Faber-Castell pens, there's a Faber Castell E-Motion gift set with an E-Motion ball Faber Castell pen and pencil. Collectors of Graf von Faber Castell pens will appreciate the elegance of Faber Castell pen and pencil sets. Since the Faber Castell pens in the pen sets include Faber Castell pen ink refills, the sets make ideal gifts.

How do I care for the wood casing of my Faber Castell fountain pen?

Faber Castell Wood Care

Ebony wood casing is a feature of Rollerball Faber Castell pens, fountain pens, and ballpoint pens. The wood casing on your Faber-Castell pens is easy to care for. Use traditional wood polish and/or wood oil and a soft, lint-free cloth to clean any Faber Castell pen with wood casing. This includes the ebony wood on the Faber Castell fountain pens. Use care and your Graf von Faber Castell pens with wooden casing will not dry out.

Can I engrave my Faber Castell pen as I would a Mont Blanc pen?

Engraving Faber Castell

Graf von Faber Castell pens can be engraved with your business logo, your initials, your address—in short, anything you can think of. Say that you want to engrave your Guilloche Faber Castell pen. The finish on these Faber-Castell pens is already engraved in the design, and as if that weren't enough, you can put your personal stamp on them. Many writing instrument merchants offer engraving services for your Guilloche Faber Castell pens. Now you, too, can show off your pride in owning a Faber Castell product.

How does the black leather desk pad protect my Faber-Castell pens?

Black Leather Desk Pad

Like a black leather pouch or case, the Faber Castell black leather desk pad protects your Faber-Castell pens. No serious collector or user of Graf von Faber Castell pens can ignore the black leather desk pad. The leather has no acid, which means no damage to the Faber Castell pen casing. The groove at the top of the desk pad provides a convenient place to store your Faber Castell pens. The Faber Castell black leather desk pad also looks stylish on your desktop.

How do I make my Faber Castell pens last?

Lasting Faber-Castell Pens

With just a little care and attention, your Graf von Faber Castell pens will last through many years of writing. Don't over-twist the easy action spring on your Faber-Castell pens. Whether you're using a Faber Castell ballpoint or fountain pen, always keep it clean with a soft lint-free cloth. Buy plenty of ink cartridges, ballpoint pen refills, rollerball refills and ink pots for your Faber Castell pens, and be sure not to let the ink dry out. Always store your Faber Castell pen in a case or, even better, in the Faber Castell black leather desk pad.

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