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What are some common problems with my Cross mechanical pencil?

Common Cross Pencil Problems

Common problems with your Cross pencils, including the pencils in your Cross pen and pencil sets, have simple solutions. Problem—Lead will not come out. Solution—Turn cap clockwise to put Cross mechanical pencil into the writing position, and be sure that there is lead in the cassette. If not, use Cross pencil refills. Problem—Lead is too short and retracts when writing with your Cross pencil. Solution—To advance a new lead from the cassette, remove the cap with point facing downward and press on the eraser until it clicks, then repeat a dozen times. Twist cap clockwise to expose lead and advance lead by applying slight pressure to the tip. If the cassette is empty, use a replacement. Problem—Lead won't retract Solution—Pencil is not in retract position because two leads have stacked on top of each other, preventing retraction. Pull out 1 1/2 inches of lead from the tip of the pencil and shake the pencil lightly with the point up.

What is the most durable Cross pencil?

Durability of Cross Pencils

Most pencils won't be as durable as pens, and that includes Cross pencils. However, you can keep your Cross pencil refills in a cool, dry desk drawer to ensure longevity. As with Mont Blanc pencils, be sure to replace the erasers often. A Cross mechanical pencil with gold, chrome (such as the Medalist), or platinum body will withstand repeated use, so long as you remember to keep it clean and pencil leads replaced. Wipe your Cross pencil with a clean lint-free soft cloth. You're Cross pen and pencil; sets will be sure to last.

Should I buy a leather case or an aluminum case for my Cross pencils?

Leather versus Aluminum

Luxurious leather pouches cushion you're Cross pencils, and can accommodate one to three pencils and/or pens. You may even choose to store the pencils and pens from your Cross pen and pencil set in your leather case. The drawback is that the elegant cases may be bulky if you carry them in your pocket, but in a purse or briefcase they will fit smoothly and snugly. Aluminum cases, on the other hand, provide spaces that precisely fit your Cross mechanical pencil. You can slide the aluminum case more easily into your pocket than the leather pouch, and the metal casing may secure your Cross pencil better. Both aluminum and leather containers can also hold extra Cross pencil refills if you desire.

How do I refill my Cross mechanical pencil?

Refilling Cross Mechanical Pencil

Cross has two different types of Cross mechanical pencil: cassette and cassetteless. Typically, these take 0.5 mm Cross pen refills, especially in Cross pen and pencil sets. To determine which Cross pencil you have, remove the cap and examine the top of the lead storage area. --If the band at the base of the eraser is black, you have a cassette Cross pencil. --Cassetteless Cross pencils don't show any black at the base of the eraser. The band is chrome. --Cassette: Insert a new cassette by gripping the black acrylic eraser holder and pulling gently. Shake the cassette to make sure that it is empty, then push a new Cross 0.5mm lead cassette into the pencil barrel until you hear a click. Turn the cap clockwise to put the pencil into the writing position. --Cassetteless: Remove the eraser and insert nine pieces of 0.5mm leads into the storage cavity. Return the eraser to seal the top securely.

What should I look for when buying Cross pen and pencil sets?

Choosing Cross Pen and Pencil Sets

Desk sets are a great value when buying Cross pencils. While Cross pen and pencil sets tend to be pricey, there's a certain prestige to a cherry wood finish desk set with a Cross fountain pen and Cross mechanical pencil. Although pen and pencil sets in elegant leather cases offer a certain security, having your Cross pencil in a finished wood stand with an attractive nameplate is equally beautiful and in some instances, more durable. Buy your Cross pencil refills and fountain pen refills, and you're ready to enjoy your Cross desk set.

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