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How do I fill my Montblanc pen that has a piston converter and is it similar to the piston filling system?

Filling a Fountain Pen with Piston Converter

Just about any Montblanc fountain pen, such as the Montblanc Starwalker, has a twist mechanism to allow easy filling. Many Montblanc pens also have a piston converter. To fill a Montblanc pen with a piston converter, you follow the basic steps. * Unscrew the barrel from the front section. * Turn the cone anti-clockwise as far as it will go. * Dip the whole nib into the ink and turn the cone back again. * Turn the cone anti-clockwise slightly and let excess ink (6-8 drops) flow back into the ink bottle. * Point the nib upwards. * Slowly tighten the cone. * Wipe the nib and pen with a lint-free soft cloth.

What problems might I have with my Mont Blanc pen?

Mont Blanc Pen Problems

Your Montblanc pen might not work properly if… * The Mont Blanc fountain pen ink has dried up from lack of use. * You use a different color ink, such as green in your Mont Blanc Starwalker than you normally do, such as red, and you don't clean the pen. * The feed system in your Montblanc pens becomes blocked. * The flow of ink becomes intermittent or stops completely. Make sure to clean your Montblanc Pens regularly and properly refill ink or change cartridges.

How do I refill my Mont Blanc fountain pen using ink cartridges or mines?

Mont Blanc Fountain Refills

Quick and easy instructions on refilling your Mont Blanc Fountain Pen: 1) Turn Montblanc Pen caps anti-clockwise and remove. 2) Remove used ink mines from Montblanc Pens and discard. 3) Put new ink mines into foreparts of Mont Blanc Pens. 4) Install caps again. N.B.: The Montblanc Starwalker has a specialized ink feeder system, so check the instructions that come with your pen.

What can you tell me about the Montblanc rollerball pens and are there any in the Starwalker line?

Rollerball Montblanc Pens

Starwalker Montblanc pen fans will be sorry to hear there aren't any rollerball pens in the line, only the Mont Blanc fountain pen. Montblanc pen enthusiasts can appreciate that with the Scenium Montblanc pens, the rollerball pen slides easily into a Dayrunner or checkbook. The Fineliner version of the Scenium Rollerball 9971 accepts the Montblanc Fineliner ultra-shark felt tip refill in black as well as the standard refill for the rollerball Mont Blanc pens.

How do I travel with my fountain pen so the ink doesn’t spill on my clothes on the plane?

Have Pen, Will Travel, Won't Spill

Airline travel is messy and difficult enough without worrying about ink stains from your Montblanc Starwalker. Carry your Mont Blanc Fountain Pen with the nib right side up. Consider using a plastic cap or putty to secure the nib of your Montblanc pen. If carrying several Mont Blanc pens, protect them in their case or a travel toothbrush holder always held nib side up. Montblanc pens are meant to bring writing pleasure, not anxiety.

How do I clean my Montblanc pen?

Cleaning Mont Blanc Pens

Cleaning your Mont Blanc pens is straightforward, even the Montblanc Starwalker. Just follow the simple steps. 1) Clean push cap Montblanc pens with a lint-free cloth. 2) Clean all other pens with clear, cold water. 3) Use only Mont Blanc fountain pen ink in a Montblanc pen to prevent a mess. 4) Dry nib and cap with a lint-free grease-free cloth. 5) For Mont Blanc pens with piston mechanism, repeat filling process with water several times until water runs clear.

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