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How do I care for my wood or metal pencil boxes as well as my leather pencil cases?

Pencil Case Care

Clean the pencil grips in your pencil box, if your box has grooves to place pencils. You can clean your wood pencil box with a soft wood polishing cloth. Pencils, pencil sharpeners and safety pencil grips can all leak dust and leave smudges on your metal or wood pencil boxes. Wipe out your leather pencil cases with a soft leather cleaning cloth as well. Use leather cleaners on the exterior and interior leather. You can clean your metal pencil box with a soft lint-free cloth and metal cleaning sprays.

I’d like to decorate my plain pencil cases, how do I go about it?

Decorating Pencil Cases and Pencil Boxes

You want to make your pencil accessories as distinctive and individual as you are. To personalize your pencil boxes, don't automatically call the engravers. The exception to this is leather pencil cases, since it's not recommended that you decorate fine leather any other way other than monogramming. Color and design can make your pencil box unique. Pencil makers already sell pencil grips in a variety of colors. You can use transfer labels, personalized labels, or go to town with paint and brush. In the case of wooden pencil cases and boxes, you're paying for the mahogany or cherry surface, so a trip to the engravers may be your best bet after all.

I’ve heard that some schools have banned pencil cases, is this true?

No More Pencil Cases

Mechanical pencils aren't allowed in grade schools, but other pencil accessories are allowed, right? Well, yes and no. In the UK, a school banned pencil cases and pencil boxes after one student stabbed another with a letter opener concealed in a pencil box. In a similar case, an honor student was suspended in the US after a teacher thought her pencil sharpener resembled a weapon. Fortunately, pencil grips aren't forbidden yet. It's worth noting that most schools aren't declaring war on fine writing instruments and pencil accessories. Some schools in Chicago have mandated the use of transparent pencil cases.

Aren’t plastic pencil cases just for school kids?

Plastic Pencil Cases Not Just For Kids

You probably associate plastic pencil cases with braids and giggles. However, you don't need to buy high-end pencil boxes just because you have high-end pens and mechanical pencils. Leather pencil cases and leather pencil accessories do protect your mechanical pencils the way pencil grips protect your hands. A wooden or metal pencil box closes securely without the fuss of zippers. However, plastic itself is durable and all-purpose, growing in sophistication. Like old-fashioned yellow pencils, simple plastic pencil cases sometimes work best, for adults as well as school kids. Let's not forget that you can personalize your plastic pencil cases with your logo. Voila, instant giveaway.

Which keeps pencils better, leather pencil cases, wooden pencil boxes or plastic pencil cases?

Leather versus Wood versus Plastic

Leather, wood and plastic pencil cases all keep your pencils intact. Your choice depends on whether you want basic or more stylish pencil accessories. High-end cases such as Kate Spade canvas pencil add pizzazz and protection, while wooden pencil boxes have a more classic look as well as security. Whatever pencil box you choose, be sure to buy pencil grips to fit snugly beside your pencils.

Can I buy pencil cases that include pencil grips as part of the package?

Pencil Grips and Pencil Cases

Sadly, we've found no pencil cases that include pencil grips. If you're giving a pencil set or pen and pencil set as a gift, a supply of pencil grips makes a thoughtful addition. Pencil boxes are roomy enough to accommodate a variety of pencil accessories. Fill your tin, steel or mahogany pencil box gift with the pencils of your choice. Include extra erasers for mechanical pencils and pencil grips for wooden pencils.

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