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How do I clean the TecFlex casing?

Cleaning TecFlex

You can use metal polish and a metal polish cloth, soft and lint-free, to shine your Porsche Pen TecFlex casing. Remember that TecFlex is used in automotive parts and medical supplies. Your Porsche Pens won't be harmed if you carry them in the pocket of your favorite sweatpants. Electronics dust cloths or wet wipes will also keep your Porsche Design looking good. Even collectors meticulous about their pens can relax with the easy-to-clean Porsche Design Pens.

If Porsche Design Pens are so durable, should I still buy a protective case?

Porsche Pen Case

You may not need a protective leather pouch or case for your Porsche Pen, but you'll probably want one anyway. Why, if Porsche Design is so damage-resistant? You don't want to lose the investment you've made in your Porsche Pens. A leather pouch or case will keep your Porsche Design Pens well-organized. Faber Castell makes one just for its Porsche pens.

Can I buy Porsche Pen and Pencil sets?

Porsche Pen and Pencil Sets

Porsche Pens, like most high-end writing instruments, come in pen and pencil sets. To add prestige, many of the Porsche Design sets include a Porsche 911 replica. One ballpoint Porsche Pen gift set also includes a miniature Porsche replica, in this case the Porsche 996. Typically the pen and pencil sets include the Aero Porsche Design Pens. (Aero Porsche Design Pens include a three-sided grip and do not have braided casing.)

What is “TecFlex” and why does it make Prosche Design Pens unique?


TecFlex is a cable design woven from stainless steel and used in Porsche race cars. It adds extra durability to Porsche Design Pens. It's resistant to corrosion, highly elastic and hard wearing, so Porsche pens can take the same stress that Porsche race cars can. The unique weave of the stainless steel/gold and all-stainless steel barrels, in the TecFlex P3130, makes the Porsche Design super-strong and long-lasting. The matte TecFlex metallic finish of the solid Aero P3120 is equally stylish and durable. TecFlex makes the P3130 Rollerball and Ballpoint Porsche Pen models, and the Aero P3120 Ballpoint Porsche Pen model, adapt elastically to your hand for maximum comfort.

Will Faber-Castell refill supplies work with my Porsche pen?

Refill Supplies

When you buy Faber-Castell refill supplies, you can buy double. The rollerball refills, ink refills and cartridge refills work with the Porsche Pen. The Porsche Design Pens are meant to be high-tech but easy to use. Refill your Porsche Pens the way you would refill your Faber-Castell regular pens. Porsche Design is meant to be as streamlined as possible.

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