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How much should I expect to pay for a Mont Blanc mechanical pencil versus a pen?

Cost of Mont Blanc pencils

Asking “How much should I pay for Montblanc pencils when pens are just as expensive” is like asking whether a hamburger at a top steakhouse should cost as low as it does at a fast food chain. By the way, don't be fooled by discount Mont Blanc retailers. These “we will not be beat” merchants who offer Mont Blanc pencils at discount prices are kissing cousins to spammers offering “legal” cable TV descramblers. The only difference is, no one ever got in trouble with the law for buying a ripoff Montblanc product. The Mont Blanc mechanical pencil, like the Mont Blanc pen, is a quality, prestige, attractive product, and you do get what you pay for.

What’s the advantage of having a Mont Blanc pencil versus a pen?

Mont Blanc Pencils versus Pens

You love ink, and Mont Blanc pens seem so much more stylish than writing with graphite. However, ink, unlike Mont Blanc mechanical pencil marks, tends to stain. There's something special about owning elegant Mont Blanc pencils in an era where the art of writing seems to be lost thanks to computers. There are tasks such as freehand drawing where a pencil, especially a high quality Montblanc pencil, and a drafting pad feel more comfortable than a keyboard and computer screen. Some people feel more inspired when their tools look inspiring, such as streamlined three-ring Montblanc pencils. A Mont Blanc pen is still needed, though, to sign those documents and sign off on drawings. Pen or pencil? As Deion Sanders says, “Both!”

How do I keep my Mont Blanc mechanical pencil in good condition?

Mont Blanc Mechanical Pencil Care

A few tips will make your Mont Blanc pencil work well for you. * Change the erasers regularly to keep your Montblanc Noblesse Oblige or Meisterstuck Legrand erasing easily. * Store the lead for your Mont Blanc mechanical pencil in a cool dry desk drawer or office closet. * Keep your Montblanc pencils in their cases when not using them, and keep the insides of the cases clean. * Clean the outside of your Mont Blanc pencils with a soft metal polishing cloth.

Is a Mont Blanc mechanical pencil a good corporate gift?

Mont Blanc Pencils – Corporate Gifts

Mont Blanc is the standard of luxury writing instruments. While most people automatically think of Montblanc pens, the Montblanc mechanical pencil, such as the Noblesse Oblige Montblanc pencils, makes an elegant gift. “Pencil” may seem low-tech, but the Mont Blanc pencils are anything but. The Meisterstuck Mozart Mont Blanc pencils, for example, resemble the high-end ballpoint pens in the same line. The Noblesse Oblige Mont Blanc mechanical pencil comes in platinum or gold trim, with a variety of colors for the body if you specify gold trim. The Mont Blanc pencils are ideal for corporate gifts.

What do I use to refill the lead and eraser in in my Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige mechanical pencil?

Refilling Noblesse Oblige Mechanical Pencil

The Mont Blanc mechanical pencil has its own proprietary erasers and pencil leads. Take, for example, the Mont Blanc Noblesse Oblige pencil. The Noblesse Oblige Montblanc pencils (which come in both platinum and gold trim) accept the .7 mm pencil leads, which are sold in packs of 50. Pencil leads can be stored in a cool, dry place for years. Erasers, however, dry out, so when refilling your Mont Blanc pencils, be sure to regularly refill the erasers. Montblanc erasers come in a refill pack of 10.

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