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What’s the most elegant Swiss Army Pen?

Most Elegant Swiss Army Pen

The Wagner Signature Victorinox Swiss Army Pens come in basic black and gold colors. The other Wagner Swiss Army Pen models feature bright colors much like the Cross Ion Gel Ink Pens. The Signature model of the Wagner Swiss Pen looks like a regular elegant pen. Think of it as the James Bond of the Swiss Army Pen family. It contains all the tools you expect from Swiss pens, plus an elegant gold coating on the blade tool, clip, and barrel.

Why do I need a Swiss Army Pen?

Needing Swiss Army Pens

Besides the convenience of a Victorinox set of Swiss Army tools built into your Swiss Pen, the Swiss multifunction pen offers many benefits to the owner. * The NASA-developed pressurized ink in the Wagner Swiss Pen delivers ink smoothly, even for upside-down writing! * The smooth Schmidt 540/Ks twist-action mechanism makes the seemingly complicated Swiss Army Pen easy to use. * Swiss Army Pens come in a variety of colors and even in a golf design that includes a divot repair tool! * The flashlight battery in the Wagner Swiss Army Pen lasts up to twelve hours. * The Swiss Army Pen insignia on the case tip tells everyone you have a one of a kind authentic Swiss pen.

What is overturn protection?

Overturn Protection

Overturn protection keeps the Wagner Swiss Army Pen Schmidt 540/Ks twist-action mechanism from breaking easily. The sophisticated engineering makes these Swiss pens extra durable. The mechanism of the Wagner Swiss Pen won't jam when you're on a deadline. Swiss Army Pens are considered in the same league as Mont Blanc pens in terms of long-lasting fine writing instruments. Overturn protection will keep your favorite Swiss Army Pen from giving out or giving up, and the ink won't spill, either.

How do I care for my Wagner Swiss Pen?

Wagner Swiss Pen Care

Some basic tips make your complex-seeming Swiss army pen easy to take care of. * Be sure to buy extra Wagner Swiss Army Pen Fisher ink refills when you first purchase your pen. * Keep your Wagner Swiss Pen in its own pen case. * To replace flashlight batteries, push paperclip through the hole in the side of the pen to eject the batteries. Wagner Swiss Army Pens take watch batteries. * To replace your Swiss pen ink, unscrew pen tip clockwise, twist barrel counter-clockwise, and separate the tools from the pen by unscrewing them counter-clockwise. Refill pen and put the pen back together with tools clockwise, barrel clockwise, and pen tip counter-clockwise.

Why should I register my pen?

Registering Your Pen

Great, you think, one more product registration to fill out, and it's for my Wagner Swiss Army Pens. Why does a Swiss Army Pen need the same registration process as, say, a PDA, a television or a computer? The Wagner Swiss Army Pen is unique, so it's no surprise that the company features product registration online. The makers of Swiss Army Pens have customer service as streamlined and versatile as their pens. Registering your Swiss pens is just one more tool you can add to the pen repertoire, since it allows more personalized customer service when you're ordering ink refills.

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