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Are pens outdated now that everything is digital?

Pens Always Needed

Saying that the pen has become obsolete is like saying that e-mail is just as good as a formal thank-you note written in pen. The saying is “The pen is mightier than the sword,” not “The computer is mightier than the sword.” Ballpoint pens, fountain pens and especially personalized pens add elegance, style and aesthetics to an increasingly high-tech world. Writing notes with pens takes more thought than firing off an e-mail. You still can't avoid some form of physical writing wherever you go, in a restaurant, at a bank, filling out a job application. Plus, if pens were obsolete, high-end manufacturers of writing instruments wouldn't create products like the Cross Matrix Multifunction Digital Writer pens.

I do a lot of document signing, what is the best pen brand for signatures?

Signature Pens

In general, fountain pens with broad stroking nibs are commonly used when you're signing documents. You are probably most used to signing with the ballpoint pens that often arrive with your check at a restaurant. In terms of pen brands, Mont Blanc pens still set the gold, and stainless steel, and chrome standard. If you branch out into electronic signatures, the multifunction Cross Matrix Multifunction pens work for those PDA and electronic signatures, particularly since ballpoint pens tend not to work on touch pad technology. When providing pens for document signing, be sure to give the other parties “take aways”—personalized pens with your business/law office logo.

What’s the most prestigious logo pen?

Logo Pens

Many devotees swear by Parker pens. Equally fervent are aficionados in the Mont Blanc pen camp, who believe Mont Blanc fountain pens and ballpoint pens are the only worthwhile personalized pens. Logo personalized pens, ones that spell out your Web site and business name, are the most prestigious if they look good and get your business noticed. When shopping for custom imprintable pens, don't be afraid of price, that is, don't fear Mont Blanc. But don't hesitate to choose a fine writing instrument that's not a Mont Blanc pen either.

Which is better, a broad nib, a fine nib or a medium nib?

Broad, Fine and Medium Nibs

When it comes to broad, fine and medium nibs for fountain pens, the one you choose will depend on the style of writing you need. Too many choices? Choose ballpoint pens instead. Personalized pens mean more than having your name engraved on the casing. Your pen should suit your lifestyle. --A fine nib may be better for people who learned to write and who regularly write using fine point pencils or who have experience with fountain pens. Extra fine is most useful for precision writing such as script or calligraphy, especially Japanese or Chinese. --If you have no experience with fine nibs, you may want to consider a medium or broad nib. Broad stroking nibs are usually used in document signing

What’s the best finish for a pen?

Best Pen Finish

The Porsche pen finish is durable, while the Faber Castell pens offer an ebony wood finish that's elegant and long-lasting with proper care. Pens such as the Cross Ion Gel pens, the Morph Pens and the matrix Multifunction Digital Writer pens have funky colored finishes. The Cross Ion Gel pen has a plastic finish that offers flexibility. If you want personalized pens, the precious metals of the Mont Blanc pens provide perfect engraving. The gold-filled ballpoint pens and fountain pens in the Cross pen Townsend line combine a rhodium plated nib and casings of malachite, gold-plated, carbonite, and other fine lustrous materials. Bottom line: The best finish is the one you decide is right for you.

What are the best personalized pens?

Best Personalized Pens

The Mont Blanc fountain pens and ballpoint pens generally set the standard for personalized pens. The Mont Blanc Fine Liner pens can also be personalized. Other pen brands offer personalization, for example Cross pens. Cross pen desk sets also feature engraved personalized gold and silver nameplates. Mont Blanc pens, however, are the pen-ultimate in personalized pens.

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