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Is there a special Faber Castell pencil sharpener?

Faber Castell Pencil Sharpener

Faber Castell, unlike other high-end pencil manufacturers, offers a pencil sharpener just for its Faber Castell pencils. The small compact sharpeners keep your Faber-Castell pencils in working order. The exceptions to this are the Faber-Castell mechanical pencils, since mechanical pencils are called “self-sharpening pencils.” There's a reason why you can buy lead Faber Castell refills! A pencil sharpener is a smart purchase, and a great gift, for any devotee of Faber Castell pencils.

How do I refill my Faber-Castell Propelling Pencil?

Faber-Castell Propelling Pencil Refill

The propelling model of the Faber-Castell pencils is tricky to refill the first time. Keep these directions handy and you won't have problems with your Faber Castell pencils. N.B.: With the propelling model of the Faber Castell pencil, be sure to use no more than five leads in your Faber Castell refills. Inserting more may cause the mechanism in your Faber Castell mechanical pencils to jam. To refill Faber Castell propelling pencils: 1. Remove the front piece or grip zone from the barrel by turning it counterclockwise. 2. Remove metal lead holder from front piece by turning lead holder counterclockwise. 3. Remove cap from metal casing. 4. Refill leads at the top. 5. Replace cap on metal lead holder. 6. Return metal lead holder to front piece by turning lead holder clockwise until secure, otherwise lead will not advance. 7. Return front piece to barrel of pencil by turning clockwise until secure. 8. Twist cap to advance leads.

How often should I replace the erasers in my Faber Castell pencils?

Faber Castell Pencil Erasers

As with any fine writing mechanical pencil, Faber-Castell pencils offer Faber Castell refills on every type of eraser for every Faber Castell pencils. Also, just as you would regularly replace the erasers in your Cross pencils, keep using new erasers in your Faber Castell mechanical pencils. You can buy erasers for the Faber Castell Propelling and Perfect Pencils, and don't forget to replace the eraser holder. Faber Castell also offers rectangular white erasers for its pencils. You can also buy for your Faber Castell Pencils a box of 10 spare erasers.

What Faber Castell pencil produces the darkest/thickest writing?

Darkest Faber Castell Writing

The E-Motion Twist Faber-Castell Pencils offer the softest writing. The Faber Castell pencils used for drawing offer the darkest lines because of charcoal. However, without Faber Castell refills, all your pencils will produce faint writing. You can select the hardness of your lead refills, which will affect the darkness/thickness of the lines from your Faber Castell mechanical pencils. You can also make your Faber Castell pencil write as softly as you want. Faber-Castell pencils are highly customizable.

What’s the difference between a Faber Castell Large White Eraser and a regular eraser that fits on a Faber Castell pencil?

Faber Castell Large White Eraser

The regular erasers attached to the Faber-Castell pencils cover a smaller surface area when you're erasing your mistakes. The regular erasers on the Faber Castell mechanical pencils do not smudge, especially if changed regularly. However, the Faber Castell Large White Eraser also doesn't smudge and covers a greater surface area of the paper when you are erasing the output from your Faber Castell pencil. You can use both with your Faber Castell pencils, and the Faber Castell Large White Eraser doesn't require Faber Castell refills.

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