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What’s the best pen accessory for my Cross Ion Gel Pen?

Cross Ion Gel Accessory

The Cross Ion pen accessory lanyard allows you to wear your jazzy Cross Ion Pen around your neck. The unique fat ellipse shape of the pen won't fit in a pen and pencil case or most pen cases. A fountain pen case meant for a wide casing fountain pen won't contain the Cross Ion Gel Pen. A Cross leather pen case or pouch designed for one pen can hold your Cross Ion Pen. Wood pen cases or boxes are probably your best bet, other than the case that comes with your Cross Ion Gel Pen.

What kinds of pen cases does Mont Blanc have?

Mont Blanc Pen Cases

Besides many a fountain pen case, Mont Blanc has colored leather pen cases. Mont Blanc also offers the Meisterstuck line of pen and pencil cases...they're not just for Meisterstuck pens any more. There's also the slick Siena Smooth pouches. The Meisterstuck line features cool lipstick-type cases called Florence pouches. The zipped leather pen cases can hold up to 4 pens and squeeze in a cartridge refill. For a Mont Blanc pen owner, a Mont Blanc pen case is the ultimate pen accessory.

Does Faber-Castell make a leather pouch for my Porsche pens?

Porsche Pen Pouch

Some pen owners might be impressed by the mini Porsche replica you get as a pen accessory in gift sets. However, a mini Porsche replica won't protect your investment the way a Porsche leather pen case will. The two-pen pouch, made of durable stylish Porsche leather with matte finish, can be a fountain pen case. It can also double as one of your pen and pencil cases. The Porsche pen cases are the ideal protectors for your Porsche Aero P3120 and TecFlex P3130.

Which pen case is right for my Mont Blanc fountain pen, and can I use any pen case?

Mont Blanc Pen Cases

You can buy a proprietary Mont Blanc fountain pen case. Mont Blanc pen and pencil sets automatically come with pen and pencil cases. You can of course use a general leather pen case, a standard fountain pen case, or any other pen accessory you like. However, you're paying for a Mont Blanc writing instrument, with all the quality and features the name stands for. Using general pen cases may expose your pen to possible spills, wear and tear that you won't get if you choose Mont Blanc pen cases.

What’s the most damage-resistant pen case?

Damage-Resistant Pen Case

While wooden pen cases last long, you want a pen accessory you can tote around with you. If you regularly clean your Mont Blanc leather pen case with leather cleaner, you'll reduce the wear and tear. In general, leather pen and pencil cases are practical as well as elegant. They fit more easily into your purse, briefcase, duffel, laptop case, and even pocket. Plus the softness of your leather fountain pen case will cushion and keep your fountain pen casing smooth, without nicks, dings and scratches.

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