Best Pen Finish

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What’s the best finish for a pen?

Best Pen Finish

The Porsche pen finish is durable, while the Faber Castell pens offer an ebony wood finish that's elegant and long-lasting with proper care. Pens such as the Cross Ion Gel pens, the Morph Pens and the matrix Multifunction Digital Writer pens have funky colored finishes. The Cross Ion Gel pen has a plastic finish that offers flexibility. If you want personalized pens, the precious metals of the Mont Blanc pens provide perfect engraving. The gold-filled ballpoint pens and fountain pens in the Cross pen Townsend line combine a rhodium plated nib and casings of malachite, gold-plated, carbonite, and other fine lustrous materials. Bottom line: The best finish is the one you decide is right for you.



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