Mont Blanc Pencils versus Pens

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What’s the advantage of having a Mont Blanc pencil versus a pen?

Mont Blanc Pencils versus Pens

You love ink, and Mont Blanc pens seem so much more stylish than writing with graphite. However, ink, unlike Mont Blanc mechanical pencil marks, tends to stain. There's something special about owning elegant Mont Blanc pencils in an era where the art of writing seems to be lost thanks to computers. There are tasks such as freehand drawing where a pencil, especially a high quality Montblanc pencil, and a drafting pad feel more comfortable than a keyboard and computer screen. Some people feel more inspired when their tools look inspiring, such as streamlined three-ring Montblanc pencils. A Mont Blanc pen is still needed, though, to sign those documents and sign off on drawings. Pen or pencil? As Deion Sanders says, “Both!”



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