Filling a Fountain Pen with Piston Converter

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How do I fill my Montblanc pen that has a piston converter and is it similar to the piston filling system?

Filling a Fountain Pen with Piston Converter

Just about any Montblanc fountain pen, such as the Montblanc Starwalker, has a twist mechanism to allow easy filling. Many Montblanc pens also have a piston converter. To fill a Montblanc pen with a piston converter, you follow the basic steps. * Unscrew the barrel from the front section. * Turn the cone anti-clockwise as far as it will go. * Dip the whole nib into the ink and turn the cone back again. * Turn the cone anti-clockwise slightly and let excess ink (6-8 drops) flow back into the ink bottle. * Point the nib upwards. * Slowly tighten the cone. * Wipe the nib and pen with a lint-free soft cloth.



1/21/2009 1:41:56 PM
steven prager said:

i have an issue with the pen sweating


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