Refilling Cross Mechanical Pencil

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How do I refill my Cross mechanical pencil?

Refilling Cross Mechanical Pencil

Cross has two different types of Cross mechanical pencil: cassette and cassetteless. Typically, these take 0.5 mm Cross pen refills, especially in Cross pen and pencil sets. To determine which Cross pencil you have, remove the cap and examine the top of the lead storage area. --If the band at the base of the eraser is black, you have a cassette Cross pencil. --Cassetteless Cross pencils don't show any black at the base of the eraser. The band is chrome. --Cassette: Insert a new cassette by gripping the black acrylic eraser holder and pulling gently. Shake the cassette to make sure that it is empty, then push a new Cross 0.5mm lead cassette into the pencil barrel until you hear a click. Turn the cap clockwise to put the pencil into the writing position. --Cassetteless: Remove the eraser and insert nine pieces of 0.5mm leads into the storage cavity. Return the eraser to seal the top securely.



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