Common Cross Pencil Problems

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What are some common problems with my Cross mechanical pencil?

Common Cross Pencil Problems

Common problems with your Cross pencils, including the pencils in your Cross pen and pencil sets, have simple solutions. Problem—Lead will not come out. Solution—Turn cap clockwise to put Cross mechanical pencil into the writing position, and be sure that there is lead in the cassette. If not, use Cross pencil refills. Problem—Lead is too short and retracts when writing with your Cross pencil. Solution—To advance a new lead from the cassette, remove the cap with point facing downward and press on the eraser until it clicks, then repeat a dozen times. Twist cap clockwise to expose lead and advance lead by applying slight pressure to the tip. If the cassette is empty, use a replacement. Problem—Lead won't retract Solution—Pencil is not in retract position because two leads have stacked on top of each other, preventing retraction. Pull out 1 1/2 inches of lead from the tip of the pencil and shake the pencil lightly with the point up.



8/6/2006 3:57:15 PM
shelly davis said:

this solution was perfact...i just followed the instruction and there was no more problems...thanks


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