Fountain Pens and Paper

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What paper should I use when writing with fountain pen fine writing instruments?

Fountain Pens and Paper

Fine pens need fine paper. For fountain pen fine writing instruments, bonded and acid free paper works the best. Yet fountain pens such as Mont Blanc fine writing pens are remarkably adaptable. A heavy bond paper or linen paper such as resume paper will best absorb the ink from your Mont Blanc or Faber Castell fountain pen fine writing instrument. Cardstock is also a possibility, since it showcases the quality of the ink in your fountain pen fine writing instrument. It has been said that no other writing instrument creates such a connection between writer, fine writing instrument and paper. Fine pens deserve high-grade paper.



8/10/2007 3:26:07 PM said:

Thanks for the brief information on fountain pens and paper. Just what I'm looking for. Have started to acquire fountain pens and calligaraphy pens to draw and write with. Maybe one day a Montblanc pen, but for now, Pilot, Parker and Shaeffer are the stable.


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