Feed Mechanisms

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Which brand of fountain pens have the neatest and easiest feed mechanism for ink?

Feed Mechanisms

Cross fountain pen fine pens have a patented feed system so that ink always flows directly from the cartridge to the nib. Cross fountain pens are fine pens and are as unique as the Selectip fine writing instrument, which accepts rolling ball refills that write through carbons, porous-point refills, long-lasting jumbo ball-point refills and document market refills. While with any fountain pen fine writing instruments can have feed problems and spills, the high-end design makes that less likely. Mont Blanc fountain pen fine pens operate on the piston filling feed mechanism. This is actually an innovation inspired by the Mont Blanc Architect's Pen writing instrument. Mont Blanc fine writing pens usually set the standard in ink delivery. Pens that fill with a built-in piston can hold more ink than a cartridge/converter, but bear in mind cartridges are more portable than ink bottles.



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