History of Faber-Castell

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How did the Faber family become the Faber-Castell pen and pencil manufacturing company we know today?

History of Faber-Castell

In the eighteenth century, the Faber family of Germany manufactured crude graphite sticks, hardly a success in the annals of pencil history. However, once Nicholas Jacques Conte refined the process, the Faber family jumped on the opportunity faster than you could say mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencil history was now a possibility, although no one knew it. History of lead pencil was more within people's reach, since in the eighteenth century graphite was first analyzed. Eberhard Faber built the first pencil factory in the United States in New York City in 1861. In the history of the pencil and among pencil manufacturers, the Faber family will always be renowned for manufacturing fine writing instruments, pens as well as pencils, for over two hundred years. The history of pencils has witnessed the Faber development of true specialized artist pencils.



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