Mechanical Pencil Invention

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How did the mechanical pencil develop?

Mechanical Pencil Invention

Mechanical pencil history notes that in 1913 Charles R. Keeran invented the Eversharp Pencil, the first mass-produced mechanical pencil to combine a simple propelling mechanism with large lead capacity and robust, ergonomically sound design. The Eversharp Pencil built on the history of lead pencil and came to be used synonymously with “mechanical pencil”. There is some confusion in pencil history about who actually invented the mechanical pencil. Hayakawa Tokuji invented the Ever-Ready Sharp pencil in Japan, according to the history of pencils. The Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil was first produced in the United States in 1915. In the history of pencils, Hayakawa Tokuji gets the credit for the invention of the mechanical pencil, but the Eversharp Pencil went to market first.



1/31/2007 8:34:09 AM
Scott said:

My Great uncle owns a mechanical pencil from 1919.
He got it when he was a kid.

4/29/2007 1:18:14 PM
nhjdhsf said:

I thought that the machanical pencil was invented or made in 1914

4/29/2007 1:20:59 PM
Nann said:

I LOVE machanical pencils sooo.... much because they help me get my worl done so fast and most inportantly, neatly!!!

5/4/2007 6:50:45 AM
pami said:

this is a good source!

12/17/2007 8:56:06 AM
Jim said:

My mom owns a mechanical pencil that george washington used!!!! Its a beauty!

11/8/2008 3:28:32 PM
laura said:

this was very helpful but now i need info on pencil cases! but thx

1/9/2012 11:40:40 AM
Meee said:

Great source !!! <3

2/3/2012 9:57:39 AM
tommy said:

I love michanical pencils becuse we have to cut down trees tomake pencils and if babys get ther hands on a sharp pencil they could gethurt or wores


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